How Mobile-Minded Is Your Bank?

If your bank doesn’t have a mobile platform, there’s a good chance it’s going to be stranded on the sidelines as increasing numbers of customers perform their banking transactions via mobile devices. Yet, as banks struggle to adopt new technology solutions to manage their daily operations and compliance processes, the mobile frontier seems to get pushed to the side. Don’t allow your mobile website strategy to fall by the wayside. Engage one of the best software development companies in London to help you launch a mobile system designed specifically for your bank.

Why Mobile?

Banks have a lot on their plates right now as they try to cope with increasingly strict government regulations that require new technology solutions. Investing in a mobile platform is a costly prospect, especially for smaller regional banks. Yet, adopting a savvy mobile platform can also attract customers to your bank. Banking customers today expect powerful digital resources and tools. If your bank can’t deliver these high-end services, you may lose customers to banks that can.

The Challenge of Going Mobile

For many banks except the largest and best connected institutions, it can be expensive and time-intensive to develop digital solutions in house. According to InformationWeek, “Most banks outside of the very biggest generally don’t have the technical resources or specialized knowledge to develop sophisticated mobile banking platforms.” While banks employ IT teams, these professionals are often consumed with their work just keeping current technology maintained. Hiring developers is an expensive proposition that many banks simply cannot afford.

Benefits of Outsourcing

In order to get their mobile platforms rolling, many banks are collaborating with outside IT firms that specialize in software development and technology solutions for the banking and financial sector. When you consult with a firm like Liemur, you can obtain affordable IT solutions to drive your bank forward. You can create a mobile platform and associated digital solutions with the help of a firm that has the experience and expertise to create this type of platform for your institution. You can also contract long-term with your outsourced firm to maintain your mobile platform so you don’t have to invest time and extensive monetary resources to do it in house.

Contracting with an IT firm such as Liemur also saves you money. Liemur is a cost-effective solution because of its own global platform. Though London-based, Liemur has a staff of savvy developers based in Budapest who help keep their costs quite competitive. With London staff on-site to consult with you and developers spread across Europe designing your innovative banking solutions, you can be assured of project success at a price your bank or financial institution can afford.

Beyond Mobile

Once your bank launches its mobile site, you may wish to consult about other technology projects. Technology is an ongoing paradigm, but when you work with experts, you’ll find that the burden of technology is far easier to manage. In fact, once your bank experiences the benefits that innovative technology solutions can offer, it may wish to enhance its entire IT platform with more sophisticated solutions tailored to its needs.

Your bank may need to employ new technology solutions geared toward its compliance platform. Your bank might be concerned about outdated software solutions and want to adopt brand new software. An outsourcing firm can help you develop the solutions you want at competitive pricing. These new solutions will enhance your bank with the tools it needs to transact business in the 21st century. Leave your outdated solutions behind, switch to mobile, and discover more ways that your outsourcing firm can move your technology platform forward.