What Software Companies in the UK Look For in Tech Professionals

As information technology becomes more and more indispensable in today’s economy, there’s a growing demand for software companies in the UK. These, in turn, are on a quest to find the best IT talent out there. Being one of these companies, we know a good tech pro when we see one. But don’t take our word for it – here are tips from IT leadership expert Eric Bloom on what sets the best apart from the rest.

An Open Mind for Data AND Business

Besides a love of technology, which should be a default setting, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of the data that defines the functioning of any commercial organization, not just software companies in the UK. However, as IT gets more and more intertwined with actual business functions, it’s no longer enough to be proficient in technology – engineers and developers must have a knack for business matters as well. As a consequence, the ideal IT professional speaks the language of both fellow techies and those coworkers or clients who are not technically inclined.

Expertise That’s Specialized but Not Isolated

IT has become such a vast professional domain that no one can cover it all. Instead, specialists with a thorough knowledge of smaller, well-defined areas are in high demand at software companies in the UK. However, due to the ever-expanding, complex tangle of functions within technology, even specialists can’t afford to be single-minded. They need to have a decent working knowledge of adjoining fields as well.

Readiness to Acquire and Share Knowledge

Needless to say, technology is evolving by the minute, so even the most seasoned experts need to be avid learners, too. Furthermore, because the majority of IT services require a joint effort, tech professionals are only as good as their teams – they must be willing to share their know-how. Not only does this establish them as respected, competent members of the community, but helping or educating others further deepens their understanding of the issue at hand.

Being Inspired by Challenges

Inevitably, technical issues will arise at even the best software companies in the UK – in fact, those make up their bread and butter. Viewing these issues as opportunities to learn and as challenges to creativity is a valuable asset of the top IT professionals. They’re the ones who keep current problems at the back of their minds even when off-duty, and as a result, come up with ideas that combine often unexpected or entirely unrelated elements, or recycle existing ones, to produce new, innovative solutions.

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