Running Projects at the Edge of Your Desk: Why You Need a Project Manager for New Tech Design

Multitasking has become a cornerstone of the business executive’s career in recent decades. An employee might be asked simultaneously to review contracts, meet with clients, and design new safety procedures for the department all in a day’s time. When it comes to adopting and designing new technology for a business operation, the project frequently lands on some talented but busy individual’s desk who must handle the project at the edge of their desk along with all the other work they’re expected to perform (this is the stuff bonuses are made of, after all). Unfortunately, without a dedicated project manager, this important work isn’t likely to materialize without serious problems and flaws.

Why Do You Need a Project Manager?

According to Chron, “Project management is a growing field used increasingly by businesses of all sizes.” A project manager is tasked with managing each vital aspect of the project; they oversee it, define its scope, manage the budget, correspond with management, correspond with the design firm, implement training if required, and so on. They do this without disrupting the business operation or while attempting to perform work unrelated to the project at hand.

Without a project manager, your staff is likely to be overtaxed and, in spite of their best efforts, miss something important. Something inevitably gets lost in the shuffle either on the project side or in their other work for the company. A project manager keeps the project on schedule and manages all tasks with efficiency and organization. For a project as important as new technology adoption, a project manager can play a key role.

The Project Manager and Your Software Design Firm

When it comes to new technology, your project manager can work as a liaison between your company and your software development firm. The London-based design firm Liemur works with companies with and without dedicated project managers. Its staff understands the importance of dedicating their own team of professionals to a single project, so it stands to reason that a company can benefit by dedicating someone to the project on their side of its management and design. These two parties can work together to bring a new design to fruition. While these types of projects can be completed without a project manager, they invariably take longer and the process may be more clumsy than otherwise.

Hiring a Project Manager

Project managers are often contracted for specific jobs, so their role and expense is temporary. When engaging project manager, you might even consult your software development firm. Liemur can often recommend professionals the company has worked with before. It can also be beneficial to hire a project manager that has experience running technology projects. These days, many do have this type of experience behind them.

Your business can benefit by the smooth running of a new technology project when it employs a dedicated project manager. Your current staff is already, very likely, up their ears with work. Tasking them with something so important as a piece of new technology, especially one that is destined to be integral to your operation may be unwise even if it seems affordable. In the end, your business will benefit by investing in this type of professional.

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