Fair Deal for our Customers for Software Development

Fair Deal for our Customers

As a business it is no secret that we need to be profitable. But this does not mean we always work on maximizing profits at all costs. We know a satisfied customer means a long-term customer and this is what we strive for. To meet this goal, you need good value for your money. So, you see, keeping our prices at a fair level is a win-win situation and this is what we will give you via our UK and Budapest teams.

- Your benefit: Affordable quality software
- Our benefit: Your recurring business

Fair Deal for our Software Development People

Fair Deal for our People

One might think that by charging a fair price to you we need to squeeze the most out of our people. This is anything but the case! We want to deliver high quality to our customers at the fair price already mentioned. To achieve this, we need to not only use the right people, but we must positively motivate them to ensure they will always continue delivering the highest quality work. We all work far better with a smile on our face and our teams are willing to go the extra mile. They are proud of the work they do and proud to put their name on it.

- Your benefit: High Quality software
- Our benefit: Satisfied customers and staff

Fair Deal for our Software Development Providers

Fair Deal for our Providers

Like any business, for certain jobs we will need to use other businesses’ services such as Graphic Designers for example. Here again, we keep our Fair Attitude. We are willing to pay a fair price for our services. We will not go for the lowest price on principle. Instead we seek long-term relationships in exchange for high quality from our service providers. This means we concentrate on producing the best quality deliverables to you all of the time and are not distracted by continually trying to find cheaper suppliers.

- Your benefit: Our time is for you!
- Our benefit: We can focus on our business, i.e. you!

IT Fair Trade in a Nutshell

There are many ways to spend one’s money and time. What looks initially like a good cheap deal often ends-up falling short of expectations and leads to dissatisfaction. We have made the choice to leave our customers headache free, by focusing on providing a fair deal and delivering quality at the right price. Always!