Does Your Software Development Firm Boast These Vital 10 Principles

When you visit any business website, you can expect to be inundated with reports of its greatness. Its values are great, its services are great, and its customer service is better than great. However, too often companies miss the mark with customers because reports of its excellent are woefully exaggerated. When it comes to software development, there is simply no time to waste on companies that can’t deliver what they promise. Before contracting with any software development firm, take time to get to know the company and make sure it boasts these important values before you invest in its software solutions.

Customer Focus

When you contract with a firm that is going to develop your business’s custom software, it needs to prove its customer focus. Without getting to know your business integrally, how can it expect to create ideal solutions for it?


Some software firms insist upon their rigid packages or framework rather than working with a company to achieve a balanced plan. This might relate to cost or services; in either case, it’s important to work with a company that strives for flexibility whenever possible.


Today’s businesses rely on upfront costs in order to budget for new software systems. A company that makes a habit of sandbagging its clients with hidden or unexpected costs is likely to generate a poor following.


Businesses should expect complete honesty and transparency when it comes to costs. Billable hours should never be a mystery to a software firm’s clients. Make sure that your company is forthright about the hours it bills for.

Outstanding Communication

While it isn’t always convenient or necessary for a business to meet face to face with its software development firm, it is essential for that firm to communicate often and effectively. Businesses should know exactly what state their software project is in at all times.


The best software firms practice excellent efficiency. The clock is running when it comes to your software solutions; your business needs to know that its software firm is working hard to get things done.

Problem Solving

Problems occur in most design projects. Yet a truly great software development firm is enthusiastic about finding workable solutions to these problems. A determined design firm makes for an excellent business partner.


It’s important for businesses to ascertain that their IT firm is experienced enough to tackle its software solutions. Even if a company is relatively new, it may have IT professionals that are extremely experienced an able to provide the level of service your business needs.


One of the most important skills businesses rely on today is collaboration. The development of new software is definitely a collaborative process. Your business needs to know that its software firm is able and willing to collaborate on the solutions you want to drive your business forward.

Reliable Expertise

Finally, your design firm needs to have the professional expertise it takes to design world-class software. Your business is going to rely on these software solutions for some time; it needs to know that they will operate as planned.

When your business contracts with a software development firm like Liemur, it can expect to find all of these guiding values and principles fully in action. New custom software may be an essential expense for your business, but it’s an expense that cannot be squandered on a firm that fails to deliver on these important qualities. By getting to know Liemur, its services, and its company values, you can obtain the peace of mind you need to enter into a long-term partnership for the development of your business software.

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