Custom Software vs. Prebuilt Software: What's Right for Your Business?

Today’s viable businesses understand perfectly well that they must incorporate automation into some, often most, or their operating platform, but even at this stage of the digital age, many businesses aren’t certain about how to incorporate new software into their business. While many understand that custom-designed software can enhance their business, they may be concerned about its perceived expense. Moreover, some businesses may hope that there are already existing forms of software that they can adopt quickly and inexpensively. Before committing to either type of software, custom or prebuilt, it’s essential to know the pros and cons of both.

Prebuilt Software: Ready Made, but Is it Ready to Work for You?

Prebuilt software solutions are offered by a multitude of vendors online. These solutions tend to be affordable and the best ones offer user-friendly platforms that can be very attractive to businesses that are just getting their feet wet in the automation arena. While these are some decided benefits of purchasing prebuilt software, it’s important to view the limitations that are frequently associated with these products.

One of the drawbacks of prebuilt software is its limited or lack of API capabilities. Without these capabilities, businesses cannot sync their data over networks or multiple systems. Many businesses find that they want to access their data in many other ways than what is allowed by their prebuilt systems. Such limitations can be a major drawback for virtually any type of business. Another con is that businesses remain at the mercy of the vendor when it comes to software updates. They may find their software lags or that they are more vulnerable to hacks because their program isn’t provided with timely patches.

While some businesses may be able to get-away with one-size-fits-all software solutions, many businesses ultimately find that the limitations and lack of personalized features only fulfill a small part of the business’s needs. Once the business decides to expand or change, it may find that its prebuilt software limits its plans.

Custom-Built Software: The Tailored Approach to Automation

Many businesses are skeptical about embarking on a custom software development plan because of the time and resources needed to create these solutions. Many may find the upfront costs associated with this development to be daunting. Even so, most businesses are aware that custom-designed software is ideal for any business that can invest the required resources into its design and implementation. With the custom approach, the business can create solutions without limitations, solutions that meet all of its needs in terms of tracking, organizing, reporting, and storing essential data.

Of course, the benefit of incorporating custom software is that the business can get it done now rather than later. For many of today’s businesses prebuilt solutions are simply going to be a temporary fix. Once a business realizes that it’s going to need custom solutions at some point, it may choose to invest upfront to get the business-enhancing software it really needs.

The Custom Approach: Easier Than You Think

Often, businesses contemplating new software just need the right industry guide to help them navigate the planning and design of their custom software solutions. This is a where a company like Liemur can prove instrumental. Liemur designs custom software, but at prices that are genuinely affordable. Its global team can work with businesses to design the exact solutions that will fulfill the business’s current needs but also grow with it.

It’s no surprise that custom-designed software solutions are ideal for today’s businesses. The key is to find a software development firm that can work with businesses of any size and develop a package that suits the business’s budget. If you are thinking about installing new software, be sure to contact Liemur to find out how its services can complement your business.

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