Cost is important to any business and providing services from our DDC in Hungary allows our customers to benefit from savings of up to 50% over UK costs.

Highly Educated Workforce

Cost is not the only reason for using Hungary as our offshore development base. Choosing a country with a highly educated workforce combined with a long history of producing quality engineered products allows you to tap in some of the smartest technologists in Europe. According to a McKinsey Global Institute report 2008 on suitability of graduates to meet industry employment needs, Hungary scored highest in engineering, finance and accounting amongst all leading offshore countries globally.


Our Budapest project teams have similar values and come from a similar European culture to that in the UK, which improves understanding of business drivers and your needs.

One Hour Difference

Hungary is only one hour difference with the UK time zone, which means we are aligned to your working day. Communications are quicker and we have the ability to sort out issues as they arise.

Local Management

We are committed long term to using Budapest as our offshore development centre. We only use project teams staffed by Liemur staff, we will not use third party offshore companies. Not only that, by having our co-founder and director, Sylvain Liege, resident and personally responsible for all local development activities you are guaranteed that management is taking an hands-on active role to ensure software delivery.

UK Based Business

Our business is based in London-UK. Most of our customers are in UK. Our setup guarantees a smooth and efficient information flow between customers and our development teams. We are not focussed on offshoring your project but on finding the best combination between UK based workforce and nearshore workforce. Unlike many of our competitors, our setup allows for focussing on the right solution for your project.

Maintenance and Support Programme

Once we deliver a system our commitment continues through a maintenance and support programme tailored to meet your needs as long as required.

Quality with Flexibility

With all engagements, we agree with customers at the outset a matrix of clearly defined activities that will be followed for the project duration. These are based upon industry wide best practices and principles.

Continuous Communication

We will work closely with you in the UK, making sure the right information flows between you and our development teams in Budapest ensuring misunderstandings are eliminated and progress is transparent.

Continuous Delivery Model

When developing software we work to a continuous delivery model so that our customers are never without a working system. We invite customers to come to Budapest and meet the team.

Ready to Go

Specifications 100%
Development Plan 100%
Usability 100%

Software Specification Consultancy

Specifying a software application is a very difficult task. If describing at a high level the objectives is reasonably easy, providing enough details to a development team to get the expected result is another matter. For this reason, many projects remain stuck at the “Specification Stage”, never converging to a stable and usable version for development.
We can help you! With years and years of experience in the Specification Expertise, we can help you reach the point where you can get your project in development. We have the Experience, the Process and the Tools to get your projection track.

Web Development

Your Web Application that will Boost Your Business

Mobile App Development

Your Mobile App Project Designed and Developed specifically to your business objectives.

Data & AI

Your Python Data project with our without AI