Custom software development services

Nowadays every enterprise, large or small, strives to constantly tailor its output to the evolving needs of its customers. Information technology companies are no different, that’s why many of them offer custom software development services. But not just that: Liemur, for one, caters to its clients in a framework of continuous delivery. You’ve probably come across these magic words before, but if you’re unsure about their meaning and the possible benefits for your company, read on.

What Is Continuous Delivery?

A constellation of new development techniques and methodologies have enabled us to deliver new functions to clients’ custom software in a steady flow of small, incremental changes. Through these low-risk releases and user feedback, it’s possible to adapt the custom software to shifts in the market environment or changes in business strategy. Ultimately, continuous delivery aims to render major, one-off releases obsolete. And good riddance, too!

What’s the point?

If you use business software, you’ll know all too well that “traditional” releases tend to be slow, unreliable and often teeming with bugs, hindering or complicating your company’s daily operations. The continuous delivery of custom software development services puts the client in control of their cycle of releases, and as such, it helps even bulkier organizations become as lean, flexible and innovative as startups. Using this method, the company can gradually phase out software systems that no longer support changing business requirements and replace them with up-to-date features, with a minimal risk to its operations and at a reasonable cost that might entirely by offset by the ROI.

What’s In It For You?

Most small and middle enterprises are in a constant state of change: scaling up or down, experimenting, shifting focus, acquisitions, mergers… Such dynamism is hard to pigeonhole, that’s why custom software development services come handy. If, furthermore, these services provide a constant lifeline of tweaks and updates, that helps to boost productivity and, in turn, enables your company to maintain a constant, reliable level of quality.

Suppose changes in your product line or the relocation of some facilities calls for a major readjustment of your logistics software. How could you manage that without disrupting business as usual? Continuous delivery turns such drastic shifts into smooth transitions with minimum hassle. It also helps to keep your accounting software up to date with the latest requirements; and your data or content management systems constantly improved and streamlined to suit your needs of the day. And the list goes on… In short: continuous delivery of custom software ensures you, too, can deliver continuously.

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