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Liemur provides a distinct set of services that cover the majority of business needs for successful product and system development.

Software Development

Our Software Development service provides you with a complete solution that will transform your business requirements into working software products and systems.

Continuous Delivery

We are able to take your requirements, verify and validate these to a level of detail that allows our teams in UK and Budapest to build the IT solutions you need. Better still, by using our continuous delivery model we will deliver working software solutions to you at regular intervals right the way through until the completed software is available. This means you can be using a working product or system before the project is even complete. In reality you can be getting benefit within weeks rather than months.

Verification and Validation

We ensure quality is maintained by heavily focusing on verification and validation. We continually test the software being developed everyday using automated test systems, from the first piece of software created through to the final delivered system.

Regular Communication

When working with you, we make sure to understand your requirements in detail. We will regularly communicate on deliveries and gain your feedback frequently ensuring that what we deliver meets your final requirements.

UK Team

Using our team in the UK we can be working on-site understanding your detailed requirements while our development teams in Budapest are building the system for next deliverable. It is a non-stop process.

Team Extension Service

Our Team Extension service takes the stress out of managing changes to your project teams. Whether you are increasing team size to meet key milestone deliveries or back filling vacated positions.

Top Quality Consultants

We can provide top quality consultants covering roles including project management, design and development through to testing and ongoing maintenance and support.

On-site or Remotely

Our Team Extension service can be provided on-site or remotely, taking advantage of our offshore teams. The duration is negotiable whether short, medium or long term the quality is the same. Whatever your needs we will work carefully to ensure the best fit not just in technical skill but also team work.

Software Maintenance

Once an application or system is released, project teams need to redirect their focus to maintenance. However, this can cause a management problem if there is a need to move the team onto new development work.

Offshore DDC in Budapest

Our Software Maintenance service removes this problem. We can provide ongoing software maintenance to your products and systems at reduced development costs through our offshore DDC in Budapest.

Full Covering

The Software Maintenance service covers all the usual development and test activities expected within the maintenance phase and may include all of the following; Enhancements and new functionality implementation System optimization Bug fixing System monitoring Increasing quality through automated testing Design review.


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