Considering IT Outsourcing? Look for These 5 Qualities in Prospective Partners

When it comes to IT outsourcing, companies in the UK or abroad have a wealth of IT professionals at their disposal. Here’s a roundup of the most important assets to look for in your potential software development partner or team.

Being Social Animals

The notion of the awkward, introverted geek hunched inside his cubicle is a thing of the past. Today, in the wake of the widespread consumerization of information technology, IT departments are heavily oriented towards service, and IT professionals are dealing with people, not machines. From design through engineering to project management, software development is now a team effort spanning departments, companies and often countries. In this context, social skills are a key asset. Being able to engage in constructive dialogue with team members, executives and co-workers from other units also involved in the process, or finding the common language between different corporate and national cultures is especially important in the case of IT outsourcing.


Software development is dirty work: a gruelling environment of uncontrollably expanding office hours, tight deadlines and unexpected glitches that send the team back to square one. Hence, a highly appreciated quality of the most sought-after IT professionals is their ability to bounce back and adapt to these extreme conditions. A short reaction period, quick trouble-shooting, availability even outside work hours: this is what only the best IT outsourcing companies can offer.

Taking It Easy

Considering what a grind software development is, no wonder IT employees turned out to be the most stressed-out bunch, according to a recent study. To cope with the pressure, the best IT professionals have developed a way to become stressproof – simply by learning to sit back and take it easy. This may sound controversial, but on second thought, it’s easy to see why a developer who is able to evaluate, prioritize and filter requests fares much better than one who frets over every single issue, however minor. Resilience in the face of stress saves IT workers time and energy they can devote to becoming more competent their field. On the other hand, IT employees who can’t shield themselves from stress will inevitably succumb to exhaustion, demotivation, even health issues.

Being One Step Ahead

This is a no-brainer: today’s IT crowd can’t settle for knowing how software development works, they also have to know where it’s headed. Theirs is a field that requires curiosity towards innovation, early adaptation to the latest technology and constant learning. Being up to date is default; anticipating the next big thing is what sets real IT experts apart.

A Thorough Understanding of Technology

As they say, even the future isn’t what it used to be. According to Jason Lehr, director of technology at a major provider of business management software, the very concept of technology has evolved over the past few years from devices and infrastructures to a more complex system of platforms, applications and toolsets. This difference may be too subtle for laymen to grasp, but top-notch IT professionals can harness the constantly changing nature of technology, leveraging it to the full.

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