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Just like any business function that involves a buyer, a seller and some form of value exchanging hands in return for some kind of compensation, IT outsourcing can also be appreciated from a sales point of view. As a matter of fact, judging prospective IT outsourcing partners by their sales approach can help a great deal in choosing the right one for your company. Here’s a list of signs that all forecast a fruitful partnership.

Buyer’s Business First

While we all know that behind every successful company nowadays there’s a brilliant software development team, the emphasis here is on the word behind. Good IT solutions are not primarily about information technology itself, but about addressing specific problems efficiently. For this, a thorough knowledge of the context is key – that is, the industry, the market, the challenges affecting this area, and the options available to make the most of them. An IT outsourcing firm that knows all about your business and is willing to talk about your concerns before flaunting its own credentials is one for keeps.

Advice, Not Hard Sell

A really good sales rep will refrain from directly pushing his offer; instead, he will provide useful insights that facilitate the buyer’s informed decision, writes sales expert Tom Searcy. Though this information may be slightly skewed to better represent the solutions his company offers, it’s still a far cry from the hard selling tactics most clients know and dread. Apparently, such an indirect approach generates more results than charging in head first with a sales pitch. This applies to IT outsourcing as well. Look out for software development companies that are ready to dispense some expert advice and discuss your options openly without enforcing commitment.

“Leading From Behind”

Having mapped out every relevant aspect of the client’s business, pinpointed possible challenges and listed alternative solutions, these IT professionals won’t be anxious to keep a foot in the doorway. They can be pretty sure that their expertise, even when weighed against other options, will qualify them to be invited to solve the business problem on the agenda. So don’t be discouraged when a potential IT outsourcing partner doesn’t check regularly whether you’ve made up your mind to cooperate. Their confidence is a good sign.

Thinking long term

A lot of IT outsourcing companies court prospective clients eagerly, only to sit back and relax once the contract is signed. This is rather short-sighted. According to another sales guru, Geoffrey James, closing the deal should not mean the end of an activity but the beginning of a long and sustainable relationship from which both parties benefit – the buyer getting value for money and a default option for further services, and the outsourcing partner more follow-on business.

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