International team

Though the IT industry is on the rise throughout the world, outperforming other sectors more deeply plagued by the recession, software companies in UK need to be on their toes to keep up with the global competition. Coping strategies vary, but each entails a distinct set of risks to be taken into account. Here’s how your company or software development partner could be putting its future in jeopardy.

1. Staying local leads to isolation

While software companies choosing to keep their operations entirely within the UK do great service to preserve British jobs, there’s a tradeoff with such patriotism. Not being present overseas with a branch or a collaborating partner makes it more difficult to reach new markets and expand business networks in booming industry hubs. Furthermore, a purely local staff means missing the opportunity to benefit from the fresh perspectives and specialized skills an international team could offer.

2. Offshore could hurt quality

When it comes to outsourcing software development or parts of the process offshore, India and China first spring to mind. However, the benefit of tapping into the well-educated and tech-savvy Asian talent pool must be weighed against some risks, too. Cultural gaps, communication issues may hinder the process and compromise the overall quality of the output.

3. Time zones take their toll

Another important risk factor of offshore outsourcing is time. No matter how skilled and well equipped the remote team, the staggering difference in time zones is difficult to overcome. More likely than not, it will mean more work overtime for the local project management, increased response times and a loss of speed in fixing issues throughout the process. In an age, and especially in an industry where instant communication is key and deadlines are ever more demanding, no serious player can afford to be slow.


Whether they stay on British soil or reach halfway across the globe, software companies in UK are running serious risks as they struggle to stay competitive on the worldwide market.

Liemur is one of the few software companies whose nearshore outsourcing strategy combines the benefits of offshore development with those of operating in the UK, while minimizing the risks of both approaches. Learn more about our collaboration with a development team based in Budapest, Hungary or contact us for more details.