custom software development solutions for UK startups

Custom software development solutions tailored for UK startups

Your needs

You are working in a startup. That means you work very hard for a project you believe whole-heartedly in. It also means that your time and cash is precious and doesn’t stand any waste.

Part at least of your project requires a new custom software product. It can be a new product that will inundate the market, a complex web site that will attract and retain your beloved customers. It may be a mobile application that will support your main product. It can be anything, which implies the development of new custom software.

Your team is extremely light with the very minimum you can cope with. Maybe you have one technical person in the team who can actually design your software architecture or simply advise you on what to do. Maybe you are yourself this technical person at the head of the company.

You cannot take the risk to hire an entire team for developing the needed custom software. You wish to get as far as possible with the cash you have. How can you optimize your company cash flow?

Our solution

Liemur Software is offering an original business model for developing custom software that suits particularly well the startups: a “Bridged team” between the UK and Budapest in Hungary.

Our business is born in London and we definitely are a British company based in London. At the same time, we have created a branch in Budapest to offer controlled reduced costs to our customers. How does it work?

Your UK startup business

You have chosen the UK for your business. We understand that. We just did the same more than 10 years ago. UK is a great place for doing business.

Because you are based in UK, you want a service provider that is also based in UK. You want to have a real contact with a real company near you. This is what we offer. Cliff Murphy, one of the co-founders and director of the company is handling the customers in UK. We meet with you. We work hand in hand with you. We provide advices based on what you tell us and what we understand of your business. We can contribute to the production of your requirements before getting into any architecture solution. We can meet with your team, technical and business. We understand what it takes to build a business from scratch and you can count on us for sharing this passion.

Now, maybe your careful cash management requires to reduce some or all of your development costs. Here is where our Hungarian branch comes in handy…

A nearshore software development solution

Since the early 2000s, it has become increasingly common to have a look outside of your own country for developing your custom software. At least two reasons for that: skills availability and costs. India, China and North-Africa have been the biggest targets for offshoring. Like everyone else you could do the same. But you could also stay closer to your business and remain in Europe. It brings at least two advantages: the time zone is almost the same as yours (no need for you to work at night) and the culture of the offshore team is also close to yours (there are differences, but this is Europe with a very common ground). You therefore minimize your risks and drastically increase your chances of success. And you still reduce your costs by around 40% to 50%.

How are we different? The “Bridged team” model! If Cliff, one of the co-founders of the company is in UK, working hand in hand with you, Sylvain Liege our other co-founder and director is managing your remote team in Budapest. We take things very seriously. Sylvain has the required technical background; he speaks Hungarian and has studied the topic of cross-cultural communication for years. Cliff and Sylvain have worked together for more than 10 years. You speak to the same company. There are no complicated layers between you and your remote team, no subcontractors with a different agenda. Your project is safe with us.

custom software development solutions for UK startups - meeting

Advantages of the “Bridged team” solution

  • Your point of contact for outsourcing your custom software development is local. You can meet and discuss face to face with us.
  • You can get local advices and consulting on your project. We are competent and willing to help.
  • If you have a technical leader in your team, this person can dialog directly with us. We understand his needs and his technical language.
  • You can have our help to produce your requirements into a format that suits yourself and the technical team. The requirements production is not “all on you”. We know how important and complex this phase can be and we will contribute as much as needed, as early as needed.
  • Your offshore development solution is really like an extension of your local team.

Benefits of the “Bridged team” solution

  • High flexibility : you can adapt the amount of work that needs to be done locally and the work that can be done remotely to your very special situation. Depending on the size of your project and its characteristics you may want to have it done all in UK, or all offshore or any combination in between.
  • You can decrease your development costs by up to 40% to 50%
  • Shorter time to market! You can increase your delivery speed. The same budget may give you more manpower.
  • You reduce the risks on your business by having a tighter cash flow management
  • Your cash is carefully spent and your investors will love it.

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You have your project at heart and you want the best solution for it? This deserves a conversation! Tell us what your software project is about and we will tell you what the best solution is for it.