Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio


Description: A career network to connect people around the world.

Type: Backend Development + Website Development.

Programming languages:

Backend: Java
Frontend: ReactJs (Javascript), html, css

Database: Couchbase, Neo4J

Website: https://www.datanexions.com


Description: System for connecting companies with business specific service providers.

Type: Server-Side Web Application

Programming languages: Ruby on Rails (Ruby), Javascript, html, css.

Database: Postgres

Website: https://labs.kor-group.com

Le Jeu Du Phénix

iOS Link
Android Link
Technology: Native Development iOS – SWIFT – Android Java
Purpose: Philosophical Tarot
Section: Lifestyle

Web Site: http://deep-profiling.com
Technology: Ionic (hybrid technology)
Purpose: Profiling

The Meaning of Life

Web site:http://themeaningoflife.tv
Technology: Native Development iOS + Android

Purpose: Meditation App

Devergo Brand

Web site: www.devergo.hu
Technology: Native Development iOS + Android
Purpose: Mobile Clothes Shop
Phase: Development


Technology: iOS native Swift + Java server
Genre: Health
Purpose: Do your Gym in a Social Network environment.

Project Codename: Alerts

Technology: iOS native Swift 3
Genre: Utilities
Purpose: Create Alerts, send them to server, and dispatch them to other users Phase:Development

Project Codename: LetGo3

Technology: iOS native Swift
Genre: Game
Purpose: Puzzle
Phase: Beta-Testing the game play
Note: this app is currently in development. The screenshots below only represent the prototype. No graphic design work has been done yet because the customer is focusing on the gameplay at the moment.

Project Stopflow

Technology: iOS native Swift & Java for Android
Genre: IoT
Purpose: Control a water meter by phone: Setup hardware to connect to the Internet. Control the hardware via mobile device.
Phase: Released

Codename: AMS

Technology: Windows .Net C#
Type: Desktop, Enterprise
Application purpose: Sending and monitoring “In-time” notification to large companies’ employees.
Development of Front-end and Back-end.
Keywords: Role based feature access control, notifications, polls, alerts, user groups, real-time monitoring
Phase: Deployed

Project: Prime Properties

Technology: Php – MySQL
Type: Web Application
Application purpose: Management of crowd sourced properties.
Phase: In Customer’s hands to validate with investors for complete development Note:URL available on request for the testing site. The site is online on our testing server.